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Bespoke Yellow Reception Desk

Our handcrafted bespoke reception desks add value, vibrancy, and professionalism to your waiting areas. At ADL Joinery, we design every item unique to you and capture your brand’s personality in our work.

Our bespoke reception desks are customisable in every way – From material and colour, to shape, finish and more

As you can see from the images below, on this particular project the client wanted their reception desk to be the central attraction of their entrance to the building. Our clean glossy design keeps in sync with the rest of this commercial interior. The length of our bespoke reception desk curves parallel around the wall with smooth variations in height on both sides. The reception desk features a glass display cabinet and a shiny metal base that levitates this desk above the ground and marries with their existing glass and metal gates to the right of the reception desk.

Need to see another example of our great interior designs? Coming right up. We have designed reception desks for clients across a range of industries. See our bespoke reception desk for David Lloyd Gyms

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